Cambridge Tower Condo

1801 Lavaca St 10f, Austin, TX 78701

Did you know you can view this 1 bedroom 10th floor condo in virtual reality? If you have an Oculus Quest or Go, it’s as easy as going to the space in the Oculus Browser, and clicking Enter VR.

For the best VR experience, we recommend the Oculus Quest.

The Oculus Go is also supported, but might be a less comfortable experience: 

Other headsets with support for the WebXR standard might also work. Try going to a space and clicking the VR button in the bottom-right. If your device supports WebXR and has a controller, you should see a button that says Enter VR.


How to Use Matterport VR on Oculus Quest

How to Use Matterport VR on Android (Legacy)

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