Does Cambridge Tower have the perfect audio video production studio?

1801 Lavaca ST 1B – Would this be a great studio for an audio video production studio and for showcasing home automation?

My answer. What could an audio video production studio do there? Well for starters this is directly next door to the Spectrum TV studios who are always looking for content, it is practically on the UT Campus and on the Capitol Mall with a view of the Capitol and the UT Tower. It comes with a pool and hot tub (rarely used) that is maintained by the condo. It has an amazing meeting room, exercise gym, lobby and 5 parking spaces. The gym, meeting room and lobby are also rarely used by the condo residents.

Also, the Longhorn network is hurting for content. They repeat the same shows over and over. They need fresh content.

And it has potential to be rented as either a residence (with condo approval) or as a venue for corporate events such as home automation demos and shows about technology.

Note – above links go to the listing agents site, Den Property Group.

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